I am so grateful for you and thank you for supporting me on this new endeavor! Have you ever started something new, really wanting to jump in, but didn’t know where to start? Well, this new journey has taken me to that point at times! And it also taught me an important lesson this week as I attempted to write my first newsletter.

Procrastination, Procrastination…

The first time I began to brainstorm ideas for a newsletter, the voices in my head said, “They don’t want to read about THAT!” So, I stopped but, not wanting to totally give up, I moved the task to the next day. That seemed like a great solution! The next day I woke up full of motivation. I began researching the best types of newsletters, only to reach the conclusion of “Oh boy, I really can’t do this!” However, knowing better than to give up, without hesitation, I once again moved the duty to the next day.

I happened to speak to a good friend and Health Coach about my situation. She told me I just needed to start and graciously sent me a Podcast. I listened intently to the whole Podcast and…yep, you guessed it…I moved my mission to the next day! Before you get bored with this story, I can tell you that in the evening I received an email from “Girlfriends in God”, my new devotional subscription. The title in the subject line was “Just Do it Now!” I laughed out loud when I saw that and kept chuckling as I read through the devotion. 

“That’s it,” I shouted! I looked up to God and thanked Him for the great idea! I don’t know about you, but I always feel He has such a great sense of humor and finds a gentle way to let me know when I’m not quite living up to what I should be doing. My dad always told me that honesty is the best policy and there’s not a better way to begin this adventure than with just being plain honest! So, I confess, I was procrastinating and I once again thank you for waiting!

So, What’s This Newsletter and Business All About?

Do you ever find yourself moving tasks to the next day not because you’re out of time, but because you are, in a sense, procrastinating? Mary Southerland, the author of the devotion, says that “procrastination is one of the greatest sources of stress in life”. I’d have to agree! I’m here to tell you that sometimes we look so much to food as our greatest source of nutrition when really the first place to dig into might be the areas of our life such as environment, exercise, relationships, spirituality and so much more. 

Stress can really play havoc with our health. When we can fix some of these areas in our lives, we start to feel healthier and with greater health comes more joy. Not that healthy food isn’t important, too, but we can get there! It’s a process! If you’re more curious about the devotional and why it amused me, read it here: Just Do it Now! I love the story about how the demons got together to figure out a way to collapse the Christian movement and how “procrastination” is used as their best weapon to keep us from doing God’s work. 

What Is PraiseMoves?

Talking about God’s work brings me to PraiseMoves. PraiseMoves is a Christian alternative to yoga; a fitness program that uses stretching paired with scripture. It not only exercises the body, but also the mind and spirit. We meditate and speak aloud scriptures from the Bible while doing the stretching and strengthening postures. The foundation scripture for PraiseMoves is, “For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” I Corinthians 6:20. Why did I choose to be certified in PraiseMoves and why am I excited to include it in my Health Coaching? My answer starts with my last job as a Speech/Language Pathologist which was done remotely for 7 years. 

Sitting in front of a computer 10-15 hours a day, even if I moved to a different room, was not conducive to my health. My hips were locking and my joy was slowly being zapped out of me. I began looking for something more. That led me to sign up for an online course to be a Yoga instructor. I was excited with the thought of teaching exercise. This was something to get me out of my chair. 

However, after a month or so, I realized that I wasn’t moving, but rather learning about Hinduism. Although, learning about a different religion isn’t bad, as a Christian I didn’t want to be practicing the religion. Researching further, I found PraiseMoves. The rest is history. I learned so much about the difference between yoga and PraiseMoves and I realized this was the place for me. The founder, Dr. Laurette Willis, explains more from her own experience, and if you’re interested, check out why “Christiananity and Yoga do not mix.”

What Are The Benefits of PraiseMoves?

Doing PraiseMoves has not only strengthened me physically, but has also helped me strengthen my faith and read more of the Bible again. My body is feeling healthier and I have found joy again. This slow-paced, static exercise addresses your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health. I’m excited to bring it to you as an instrument to get you moving and build your spirituality; ultimately bringing you joy.

Overall, PraiseMoves helps to:

  • Build strength and flexibility
  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Decrease back pain
  • Increase energy levels and help the immune system
  • Lubricate jointsHelp with digestion
  • Keeps tissues and muscles healthy

Join Me! 

If this motivates you to give PraiseMoves a try then I invite you to join me online. I host classes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. You can register on my PraiseMoves page. Your first class is free, just use the coupon code FIRSTCLASS at checkout.

I look forward to seeing you online OR popping into your mailbox in the future!

Until then, wishing you blessings and good health!

Connie Lynn

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